Sunday, November 10, 2019

Skeleton Crew Finish!

Don't you just love when something you've been working on for months is finally finished?! Well a few days ago, I finished Skeleton Crew by The Cricket Collection! I thought it might be fun to have a little timeline in pictures of my progress, same as I did with Glitter Village!

I started Skeleton Crew on July 16th and first posted a progress picture to Instagram on August 13
I stitched it on a piece of 32 count Heritage by Picture This Plus with all the called for DMC Threads and Kreinik Blending Filament (052F & 054F). The filament was used in the moon and skeletons so that now they will glow in the dark!
On September 7th, I posted another progress shot..
A few weeks later, on September 26th
On October 2nd I started working on the 3rd sail and snapped this quick little picture.
October 15th had all 3 sails completed as well as the 1st page!
Then for my Flosstube video, I took this picture..October 18th

I didn't make my Halloween deadline, but on November 4th this was my progress...So close!
And then...on November 7th it was FINISHED!! I'm so in love with it! It's at the framers right now, so when it comes home I will make sure to show the frame I picked out for it! 

See you soon!

My latest Flosstube video!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Happy Halloween! ~ Oct 31st, 2019

It's been a month since my last blog post! I didn't mean for it to be that long, but life has been a hectic whirlwind of activities...I can't believe it's already Halloween! Over the past month, I've been keeping busy creating all the fun stitchy things.
Once I had my swap stitches finished, I started Halloween by Jardin Prive. The cheeky ghost on top reminds me of Burt Reynolds...when he, once upon a time, posed for Cosmopolitan magazine.  
I stitched Halloween on 32 count Vintage Country Mocha Lugana with all the called for DMC Threads.  Love how quickly it was stitching up!
Then last week, I finished Burt aka'll forever be known as Burt now ;).  I love how it turned out and am so happy to have it finished just in time for Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Oct 31st ~ Finish! ~ Oct 1st, 2019

First of all..Happy October!!  Can you believe how fast September flew by? I feel like it was just Labor Day and the start of a new school year.....Now for the stitching! This year I've approached everything a little differently with the main purpose being, that I want to make and finish more stitchy items for me;)
Last year I stitched and completed(minus the Oct 31st border at the bottom) Oct 31st by With Thy Needle and Thread. I dashed off to the store to find a frame, only to return home with it and quickly discovering, that the frame was too small....such a frustrating bummer!  So because Halloween was the next day, I put Oct 31st into my box of finishes and moved onto Thanksgiving stitching.  But how to fully finish it was a dilemma...that was until a Pinterest pin popped up showing a finish from the talented Priscilla from the Real Housewives of Cross Stitch! I knew right then and there, that it was the perfect finish for my Oct 31st!
I found the Trick or Treat sign from Michaels and mounted my Oct 31st onto several pieces of mat board that I covered in fabrics from my stash.  Then I had the hubby drill holes into both.  After that I cut 2 pieces of black coated wire and attached my two pieces together.  It turned out so awesome! I just love it!! 

Monday, September 30, 2019

A Little Something for an Exchange ~ September 30th, 2019

A few months back I was able to snag a spot in the Haunted Harvest Exchange 2019 which is put on in the Facebook Group Dixie Sampler Exchange Group! I completely missed it last year and just so happened to be on FB at just the right time to see it and sign up! So many great stitchy items are going to their new homes!  I can't tell you who my partner is, as my package has only begun it's journey...but I'm hoping my partner will love it...fingers crossed..
My partner info stated that she likes With Thy Needle and I thought the center motif in Where The Bittersweet Blooms would be perfect! I used all the called for Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye's stitched on 32 count linen that I tea/coffee dyed. 
 I made it into a sweet little pillow using fabrics from my stash and a piece of black ric-rack...I decided to keep it simple, so that my partner can put it in a bowl of other stitchy goodness or if she has a seasonal tree, she can pop it right in!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

A Night Flight Finish! ~ September 19, 2019

I thought it might be kinda fun to show my timeline of stitching on my newest little finish...even though my newest finish has begun it's journey to it's forever home...which I hope my #tschalloweensmalls partner loves it....(we won't bring up the mini table runner exchange trauma from years ago and the email I received telling me how much my, then exchange partner hated what I sent).  So...I started Night Flight by The Prairie Schooler on August 19th using a piece of 30 count linen that I tea/coffee dyed, with GAST Blackboard and Orange Marmalade. I discovered that Blackboard had zero variegation and thought about ripping it out for something more grungy but I was on the clock and needed to get this one finished before the September 15th deadline.
  On September 1st I checked back in and showed my progress on IG...I also had to show off my new mug from Marshalls...
On September 11th I had a finish!  I would have finished a little sooner, but I ran out of Blackboard and had to order more from 123Stitch...I should tell you that I used 3 Skeins of Blackboard on this one! If I had to guess at the yardage, I would say I probably used 12 yards...
Over this past weekend I FFO'd my witchy piece into a small pillow! Didn't it turn out great!!  I stuffed it with some Poly-Fill and made sure it was nice and plump!
To the back I added my initials and the year...the stitches are a little wonky, but I wanted them to look that way to lend itself to the witchy vibe of the pillow:) 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Glitter Village Finish! ~ September 13, 2019

I thought it might be kind of fun to do a timeline of my Glitter Village by Country Cottage Needleworks...sort of a slow unveiling....;)
I started Glitter Village back in December of 2018, with Glitter House 1 & 2. I'm stitching it on 32 count Raw/Silver Linen with all the called for Classic Colorworks except Bamboo...I substituted DMC 3865 in its place. 
I picked my village again in February and finished Glitter House 3 on the 13th...then it sat for a little bit in the mocking box of WIPS....
During Stitch Maynia I stitched Glitter House 4 as one of my new starts for 'Maynia My Way'...I finished it on May 30th!
I decided to add Glitter Village to my stitch rotation in July and on the 8th posted this progress picture...but never took a pic of my finish..this one is my favorite of the series and is Glitter House 5.
On July 22nd I had a finish on Glitter House 6! Yay, for a stitching rotation!
August 12th had a finish on Glitter House 7 and the roof of Glitter House 8!
The beginning of September had Glitter House 8 complete and a great start on Glitter House 9....also fabulous new scissors courtesy of Amazon Prime Day!
By the end of this past weekend Glitter House 9 was nearly finished...but with it being so close to a finish, I decided yesterday morning to just put in a few stitches...40 minutes later I had a finish!!
Didn't it turn out fantastic??!! I can't wait to have it hanging up next to my Vintage Christmas Tree this coming Christmas! The only thing left to find a frame that is just perfect for it! Wish me luck!

Friday, August 23, 2019

My First Autumn Finish!

Last week I finished Where the Bittersweet Blooms by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread, so excited that this little guy is my first Autumn Finish! Especially since we are mere weeks away from Autumn!
I stitched it on a piece of 32 count linen that I tea/coffee dyed and I used most of the called for GAST Threads.  I substituted Roast Marshmallows for the white.
I took a quick trip to Michaels searching for the perfect frame, only to discover my stitched piece was a weird size. So I browsed the store trying to find inspiration...and I found myself in the unfinished wood aisle.  A quick scan of the aisle revealed a cute unfinished chalkboard frame!  I scooped it off the shelf and the perfect pumpkin colored paint...brought it all home and set to work! A few hours later and my new Autumn frame was ready.
 After that I grabbed some mat board, a piece of green fabric from my stash, Autumn floral and set to work!  I love how it turned out! It took a little while to fiddle with the floral part, but in the end it came together perfectly and now it's hanging up in my family room...because there's no point in stashing it away until I start my Autumn decorating ;)

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

I had a few minutes over the weekend to FFO another stitchy project!  This is the August block from A Year of Celebrations by Hands On Design.  I stitched it with all DMC Threads on a piece of 32 count linen that I tea/coffee dyed.  I decided to mount it onto a piece of wood that I picked up from Hobby Lobby, which I then grimed up using antiquing paint and white paint.  I think it looks pretty darn close to old wood! Once my wood was ready, I then mounted my stitched piece onto mat board.  I also mounted a piece of black gingham homespun and yellow fabric onto two other pieces of mat board. After that I attached all the pieces together and finished it off with a simple black gingham bow, with a Black Eyed Susan flower.  Love it! I plan to stitch all the months and switch them up. 

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Happy August! It's been a few weeks since my last blog post and for that I apologize!  I know I said I was going to try to be better about posting my progress and finishes...I just need to get into a better habit of doing it!  So yesterday I came across a stitch that I'd finished last Summer, it had already been FFO'd...but I wasn't loving the board that it was attached to.  So I gave the whole thing a fresh new finish.  I grunged up the board using antiquing paint, then once it dried I streaked it with some white paint that I had in my stash.  Once that all dried, I used a little more of the antiquing paint and let that all set until dry.  It turned out pretty darn 'old and crusty', which was exactly the look I was going for! Then I reattached the stitched piece and added a fresh new bow. It matches much better with my decor now (I have more Earth tones/antique-ish colors in my home) and I absolutely love it!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Weekend Progress and a FFO

I've been trying something a little new, I decided to start a small stitch rotation...this way I can work on several projects and make progress on multiple WIPs.  So far it's been working out great!  I rotate 3 projects..two during the week and one on the weekend.  My weekend project has been Glitter Village by Country Cottage Needleworks (I've had 4 weekends now for GV)
Some weekends I'm able to get a lot of stitching accomplished, while others I averaged about 4 hours of stitching. But progress is progress and now I'm ready to start the last row of houses! I love these little Glitter Houses! I'm stitching my village on 32 count Raw/Silver Linen with the called for Classic Colorworks...except Bamboo, I'm using DMC 3865 in its place.
Also over the weekend I fully finished my Basket of Cherries by Blackbird Designs!  This is part of the #bbcherrybasket SAL that I'm cohosting with Deborah of @canopiedstitches on Instagram. I finally was able to find a frame for my piece at Michaels and only cost $3 using multiple coupons!  Eventually this will go onto my sampler wall, but for now I will just have it out with my Summer decor. 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Harvest Chalk Full Finish

Hi Stitchy Friends!  I have another finish to add to my Summer decor and I'm loving it!  A few weeks back I started Harvest Chalk Full by Hands On Design, a collaboration between Cathy Habermann and Priscilla Blain(of The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch).
I stitched it on 32 count Charcoal Linen with DMC Threads. I changed up a few of the colors..the flowers are 726 and 743, 503 for the jar, 3347 for the leaves.
I took a piece of mat board and attached batting, then I laced my stitched piece to the front. Once that was finished I cut a piece of homespun gingham and attached that to another piece of mat board. I attached those two pieces together and hot glued magnets to the back.
I used ribbon, lace and jute to make a rustic bow. Once I had the bow just right, I hot glued a sunflower to the middle.  Then used hot glue to attach a magnet to the back of the bow and attached both pieces to the enamel book stand...just like Priscilla! Love how it turned out and I can't wait to see the next one in the series!

Happy Stitching!

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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Summer ABC's

I'm back!! Man has it really almost been a month since my last blog post? Crazy how time just flies by while your not paying attention.  If you've been following me either on Instagram, Facebook Page or Flosstube..then you know that my family was here visiting for most of June.  What a great time!
I did however manage a finish during the Shenanigans of family time! I finished Little House Needleworks, Summer ABC' was stitched on 28 count Summer Khaki with all DMC Threads!  I also changed a lot of the colors.

My color conversion:

Really my conversion was within the same color family of the original called for DMC, I just either darken or lighten my colors to go better with the Summer Khaki Linen.

I then fully finished it on my wooden board that I painted green and antiqued back in January.  And my finish wouldn't be complete without a cute double bow in burlap polka dots and black gingham ribbon. Love it!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy Stitching

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Basket of Cherries ~ June 17, 2019

Summer Vacation has arrived here at last and with it the Basket of Cherries SAL that I'm co-hosting with Deborah @canopiedstitches on Instagram!  It's been loads of fun so far and we are absolutely loving all the wonderful baskets popping up on social media!
 The SAL started back on June 1st, using the hashtag #bbcherrybasket.  The SAL is open to anyone who wants to join in, anytime you'd like to start it!  It's a forever kind of SAL!  I stitched my Basket of Cherries on 32 count Amber/Toasted Almond with all the called for GAST threads.
 This was my progress after day one! or evening one ;)
Then on June 10th, I had a finish!  It took me a little longer to stitch up than normal...we had a lot of things going on during the first two weeks of June!  But every stitch was a joy and now the hunt begins for the perfect frame!

If you'd like to join the SAL, please do!  Using the hashtag #bbcherrybasket and tag both myself @pumpkinhollowquilts and Deborah @canopiedstitches on IG..let us know your stitching it, so we can cheer you on!

Until next time, Happy Stitching

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